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AsiaPay, Hong Kong’s #1 digital payment provider, is in now in
the Philippines. We want to invite your company to be part of our
growing reseller network in 5 countries in Asia.

Enjoy an informative tour of how to explore and how you can monetize
your growing client inquiries on electronic and online payment

-How can I make my website the #1 sales channel like many
Fortune 500 companies?
-How can I add electronic transaction channels to my business
while controlling security and the risk of fraud?
-How can I reach the exploding overseas Filipino market?

Discover why over two thousand five hundred merchants representing
the top regional companies in Asia trust their digital and online
business to AsiaPay.

Contact us for your schedule to a rewarding future relationship with
AsiaPay and visit

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AsiaPay Payment Technology Corp.

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Core Product And Services include:

- Payment Gateway
- e-Commerce Services
- GamePayment Services
- Mobile Payment Device and Solutions
- MPI Solutions for Banks